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Living Salad Bouquets

Fresh salad greens

Doesn’t matter what the weather is outside, our salad bouquets are ready for you year around because they are grown inside, hydroponically.

Living Salad Greens

Our produce is sold with the roots intact and packaged so refrigeration is not needed, or recommended.  Just put your bouquets in water and enjoy the view.

Elegant Salad Greens

We call our product “Living Salad Bouquets”.  Put our salad bundles in a vase.  They will continue to live and grow for weeks until you are ready to prepare the freshest salad available on the internet.

Garrison Babyleaf Lettuce, Watercress & Kale microgreens

Romaine and babyleaf romaine lettuce varieties are always included

Kale, cilantro microgreens and basil microgreens

We harvest AFTER you place your order & ship by priority 2-3 day post just hours after that!

Place your order by 2pm ET and your order will be harvested and shipped on that day.  We ship on Monday thru Thursday.  We prefer to not ship on Friday as that will add a day to the shipping time.  We do all that we can to insure you receive your produce in the utmost condition.

Talk about fresh!

Only after we receive your order do we harvest your select greens from our hydroponic garden. We package the plants with the root ball intact, packaged in a moisture bag, and then ship by priority USPS directly to your door.

After you receive your salad bouquets, enjoy them immedatily OR keep the root packs moist which will keep the plants alive for up to two weeks at room temperature.

When you’re ready to eat your living salad bouquet, cut off the root pack and prepare like any other salad greens.  These greens are living right up to the time you remove the root pack making Utmost Produce the freshest way to get your salad greens.

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